Body heat generating ring

The University of Colorado’s thermoelectric ring can generate up to one volt of electricity from the heat of human skin.

Colorado: We know that thermoelectric generators operate on the principle of temperature fluctuations. Now experts at the University of Colorado have developed a thermoelectric ring that not only generates electricity from heat but can also repair itself in the event of a damage.

In addition to making the world’s smallest refrigerator and thermal paints, we have run smartphones on the same principle. Although the initial prototype of this ring was made in 2018, but remember that it is a flexible ring that can be twisted and pulled. Its primary purpose is to keep computers and other devices in the ring, while in the meantime it can fix any errors on its own.

Its electronic skin is made of a special polymer called polyamine on which silver nanoparticles have been sprayed. It repairs itself as it enters and turns. The special aspect of this is that the human body is its battery whose heat gives it electricity.

The difference between the air above and the temperature of the skin below the ring makes it thermoelectric. Very small thermoelectric chips are used for this. According to scientists, a square centimeter of skin heat can make a ring one volt, which is enough to run a health apparel or smartwatch.

If it is stretched to make a wrist strap, the power output can increase up to 5 volts. Interestingly, the ring is eco-friendly and can be recycled when used.

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