Christian Batsman, a German villager based in Pakistan, converted to Islam

I have spent almost a year in Pakistan. During this time I met many incredible people in Pakistan, Christian Batesman.

Christian Batsman, a friend of Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir and a German villain, entered the realm of Islam.

Christian Bateman announced the conversion to Islam on his YouTube channel and other social media accounts. Christian shared a full video of his entry into the realm of Islam and his testimony on YouTube. And with this video, he explained the reason for entering his realm of Islam and what impressed him so much that he decided to walk on the straight and true path.

“My name is Chris Bateman and today I will formally convert to Islam,” wrote Christian Bateman. Before I show you the whole process of converting to Islam, which is called martyrdom, I want to tell you my story briefly.

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I started this YouTube channel last December (about a year ago) and I have spent almost a year in Pakistan. During this time I met many incredible people in Pakistan and from them I learned a lot about their religion and way of life.

I grew up in Europe where the word “Islam” is always misunderstood and associated with negativity, war, terrorism. To be honest, I’ve never been a very religious person, so I don’t care what people think. My best childhood friends were Muslims and we were neighbors. We are all human beings from within. Islam is a religion of peace and I felt a deep connection to it so I wanted to know the depths inside me. Christian shared a video of his conversion to Islam with his beautiful time in Pakistan and his beautiful story.

In which he was seen praying the first prayer of his life before accepting Islam. After entering the realm of Islam, Christian expressed his feelings, saying “I feel very light and I feel like I have full control over my body now. It’s a very positive feeling that can’t be expressed in words.”

It should be noted that in January last year, a Canadian tourist and villager Rozi Gabriel also converted to Islam after being inspired by Islamic teachings and Pakistani culture. Rozi came to Pakistan two years ago on a motorcycle to learn about Pakistani culture and beauty and shows the world the beauty of Pakistan through her blogs.

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