Good luck: Homeless young man became a supermodel overnight

Ali Olakomani was sleeping under a bridge and the photo shoot director made her a supermodel.

Lagos: Nigeria’s emerging model “Ali Olakomni” until today, a month and a half ago, was a homeless young man who worked all day to earn a living and, exhausted, slept wherever he could.

In early April, Afolabi, also known as AL, a creative director at an advertising agency in Lagos, was present under a bridge in Ocean State with all his staff.

He had chosen this place for a recent photoshoot but the model who was supposed to work in this photoshoot could not reach the location for some reason.
As the preparations were complete, Afolabi did not want to cancel the photoshoot in any way, so he started circling under the bridge.

At some distance he saw some people sleeping under the bridge, one of whom seemed to be the most suitable model for him. Afolabi immediately woke him up and offered to work in a photoshoot.

At first, the young man, named Ali Olakomni, was confused, but soon recovered and accepted the offer.

In the next hour, Ali was dressed like a model and fit amazingly well. The photoshoot started and ended successfully.

The next day, Afolabi shared the incident, including photos, on his Twitter account.

And so a new model named “Ali” was born. But Afulabi didn’t just stop there, he also created a separate Twitter account for Ali, which has reached thousands of followers.

In response to a tweet on the same account, a user has also shared a short video, in the first part of which “Ali” is shown sleeping under the bridge while he suddenly turns around.

If you think this incident is trivial, then remember that there was a similar “tea man” in Pakistan who rose to fame overnight thanks to social media.

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