I have no problem with “Ertugrul” drama, Yasir Hussain

PTV should make its own dramas, Yasir Hussain

Karachi: Actor Yasir Hussain says that he has no problem with the drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi”.

After the Turkish drama “Ertugrul Ghazi” was aired in Pakistan, actor Yasir Hussain had expressed his reservations and said that he was against the airing of “Ertugrul Ghazi” in Pakistan. In one of his Instagram stories, he called Turkish artists “garbage” and has been strongly opposed to Turkish artists working in Pakistani advertisements.

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However, recently he has taken a uterus in actor Ahsan Khan’s program “Time Out with Ahsan Khan”. A short clip of the show has been shared on social media. In which Ahsan Khan is seen asking Yasir Hussain what is the problem with “Ertugrul”? To which Yasir Hussain replies that I have not had any problem with “Ertugrul” to date. I have a problem with PTV. PTV is our company. It should create its new content instead of broadcasting foreign dramas.

Yasir Hussain added that “Ertugrul” is a drama based on Islamic history which we should make ourselves. Ahsan Khan asked Yasir Hussain if he thought that dramas like “Ertugrul” could be produced in Pakistan. To which Yasir Hussain said why not.

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Continuing his speech, Yasir Hussain said that today we are far ahead in technology as compared to the past. The kind of sets our shows have today, the cameras we use. In the past, we didn’t work with sets and technology like that.

Yasir Hussain while talking about the era of PTV said that when there were shows on PTV, there were only four lights and Anwar Maqsood Sahib was sitting in front. Compared to the past, we have better content today, we have set and we have the technology, so we should produce our plays.

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