Insect vending machine in Japan to satisfy hunger

Vending machines with fresh and fried insects are becoming increasingly popular in Japan

Nagasaki: Japan’s large population loves to eat insects, and vending machines offering their convenience are becoming increasingly popular.

A machine was first installed in Nagasaki that became very popular and can now be seen in other areas. Here people are eating a large number of ready-to-eat insects with pleasure. The machines were first installed by an event management company, followed by worm vending machines from other companies.

These machines include locusts, whirlpools, locusts, spiders, and other larvae dipped in salt, roasted, or fried in oil. In this way, the Nagasaki machine provides nine types of worms that can be put in the mouth as soon as they are recovered from the machine.

Similar machines have been installed in the Hirafu area. An insect can be eaten for five to nine dollars. People who eat it say that all the insects are very tasty and fresh. On the other hand, people have also demanded more such facilities.

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