Self-leveling snooker table, price Rs. 50 million

French company Bogati has built the world’s most advanced self-aligning snooker table, valued at Lakh

Paris: Billiards and snooker table enthusiasts know that the question of the game does not arise if it is not fully leveled. Now the French carmaker Bogati has built a pool table that makes it possible to play on a floating boat.

But remember that the price of a table is equal to three million dollars, or 50 million Pakistani rupees.

The Bogati company has a global reputation for making great cars, but now it has built a carbon fiber pool table. What’s special about it is that the latest gyroscopes installed in it take care of the alignment of the table at every moment and as the table is tilted to one side, it straightens automatically.

Bogati has created this table in collaboration with IXO, an engineering company. This Spanish company specializes in making carbon fiber. Bugatti said that all professional factors and facilities have been included in the preparation of the table. The structure of the table is made of aluminum and titanium and is covered with carbon fiber which is in line with the ‘sports mood’.

The ball pockets are made of stainless steel and the sides are made of anodized aluminum molded into a long CNC machine. But Bugatti has announced that only 30 such tables will be set up.

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